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Are you worried about Rehabilitation Post Covid – 19

By admin 0 Comment December 17, 2020

The Second Wave of COVID-19 after Diwali came with Alarmingly Fast Rate of Fresh Cases and recovery Post-covid too came with it’s own Challenges and extended side effects — Hence, it’s become more and more Essential to Support the Body’s Nutritional Status and Reserves of Essential Micro-Nutrients. This Session is all about the Nutritional Guidelines […]

Moong Dal Sprouts, Spring Onions, Carrots & Beans Tikki/Patty with Avocado Dip

By admin 0 Comment October 18, 2020

Foods with low Glycemic Index which includes complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats and Plant-based Protein rich in Antioxidants should form an essential part of the Meal Patterns of a PCOD Dietary Regime! Such foods help to lower Insulin Resistance which is a major challenge of PCOD and also helps to maintain desirable Blood-Sugar Levels. The Moong […]

An Enlightening and Empowering Live Webinar

By admin 0 Comment July 7, 2020

A Live Webinar on Nutritional Psychiatry.


Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment

By admin 9 Comments June 6, 2020

Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment has varied reasons/ factors which with a few individual variations can be addressed by following the below listed Guidelines – Whether the Weight Gain is because of Fluid Retention, Increased Appetite due to Steroids/ other Drugs , Anxiety Driven Hunger — it can be managed with a Regular […]


Mix Vegetables Tikkis/ Patties

By admin 0 Comment June 6, 2020

  These Mix Vegetables  Tikkis/Patties are not only very Nutrient Dense but also a Tasty, fulfilling meal or a breakfast option depending on the Appetite and Need of an individual. Made up of Carrots, French beans (green beans), Peas, Potatoes for binding and Onion for flavour they make an interesting way of consuming all these […]


Almond Milk Semolina Porridge / Almond Milk Soojee Kheer

By admin 0 Comment June 3, 2020

Almond Milk Semolina Porridge / Almond Milk Soojee Kheer   Home made Almond Milk is free from Saturated Fats though it’s Protein content and Calcium content is much lower than that of Cow’s Milk .However it is Lactose-Free and low in Calories and has no Cholesterol, it’s a Good Source of the Heart Healthy Mono […]


Green Lentils and Pumpkin and Chickpeas Stew

By admin 0 Comment May 24, 2020

Green Lentils and Pumpkin and Chickpeas Stew   There are few better ways of providing a Heartening and Fulfilling Meal than the ones which boost Nutrition and at the same time are light on the Stomach and the Digestive system. Vegetables coupled with Chick Pea and Lentils are a Good Source of Micro Nutrients as […]

Women Day Celebration at Cloudnine by Connected-women to women

By admin 0 Comment May 10, 2020

Women Day Celebration at Cloudnine by Connected-Women to Women   It’s is a beautiful initiative by Ritu Bhardwaj to help new mothers come forward to share their challenges of motherhood and an entirely new experience of being a parent. Nothing is more divinely blessed than to hold your bundle of joy but motherhood also ushers […]

Workshop on Nutritional Guidelines for Treating PCOS

By admin 0 Comment May 10, 2020

  At a workshop at Dr. Dipti Nabh’s Women and Child health clinic to educate and empower women suffering from PCOS( polycystic ovary syndrome).   Dr. Nabh has more than three decades of expertise and her compassionate and empathetic approach provides the much needed healing touch to the patients.   PCOS is an endocrine disorder […]


The Fasting lifestyle

By admin 8 Comments May 8, 2020

Fasting has been used since the beginning of time due to Food Scarcity or for Healing and Spiritual purposes.   In today’s Day and Age, we are living in a period of Food ABUNDANCE!! Fasting has incredible Healing and Body Restorative Benefits that have been lost in this period of Food Abundance.   Making use […]