Archana Agarwal- Dietician & Onco Nutritionist in Delhi NCR

Archana Agarwal- Onco Nutritionist in Delhi

archana agarwal-onconutritionist

Post Graduate in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition ,

Faculty of Medical Sciences ,

Delhi University-1985


Three Decades of Experience & Expertise in Dietary Support / Counselling for Treating Hormonal Imbalances n Infertility.


Creating Meal Plan and Nutritional Guidelines During and After Cancer Treatments and its side Effects .


Honorary Dietary consultant since 2013,  with Breast Cancer Support Group at Max Patparganj    / Bliss Foundation (By and for Cancer Warriors )


Active and Extensive participation in Workshops, Seminars and Group Sessions for enlightening and empowering people with Knowledge of the the role of good nutrition in preventing life style diseases especially Cancer and Hormonal Imbalances !!


Even as I begin to pen down a brief Introduction about Myself both my heart and mind are full of many thoughts and Emotions !!


When you talk about Yourself it’s more often than not a reflection of how others Perceive you. In my own eyes – I am someone who’s always found a natural connect with most people who could be just as varied as one can think of !!


Life Goals –

Somewhere this Natural Connect and Concern for all has found Reflection in my subject of Healthy Diet as a means and Goal of achieving total Well Being. Physical Well Being is the stepping stone to achieving and fulfilling all of ones goals and purpose in life . These can be as varied as climbing the Mount Everest, winning at the Olympic, to start ones own unique Organisation , attaining a certain position in ones company etc.


We all know and understand the in depth importance of maintaining a Healthy Status in all aspects of Life whether Personal or Professional . However despite best Resolutions and Intentions, this focus gets over shadowed by many other seemingly unavoidable Circumstances and Priorities.


My Dedicated and Passionate intent is to help and support you on your onward Journey to Good Health and Well Being with a focus of achieving your Goals and Destination. An achievement which is based on uncompromising importance and understanding of Good Health, is always Sustainable.


It’s essential that we regard Good Health as a responsibility which we owe not only towards ourselves but to our Family, Friends, Society and Humanity as a whole. Its not a choice which can be compromised because of Petty Causes.


With a varied experience of more than three Decades dealing with both Cosmetic and Therapeutic aspects of Good Health. I have always Balanced my family responsibilities along with my Professional ones.  This has widely helped me along with the Rich Heritage of the Prestigious Lady Irwin College from where I did my Post Graduation in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition in understanding the Diverse Horizons of Good Nutrition.


It’s an undeniable fact that we all need to be complete and at peace with ourselves to Achieve Success and move forward in Life . The Right Choice of Foods based on Balanced Meal Patterns nurture not only our Physical Selves but bring stability in our Mental, Emotional and Social status .


My main Intent and Focus through this Website is to create a Platform where in individuals find a Personal Connect for their specific,  Individual concerns over and above the General Guidelines shared for various Lifestyle Diseases and Health Issues. Cancer and Auto Immune Diseases are amongest the Most Dreaded and Widespread , each family on an average has at least one member or friend afflicted with one form or other of the above two diseases.


The Patient as well as the Caretaker need to actively Participate in the Treatment to Optimize the Benefits of the ongoing Treatment as well as to Sustain the Treatment once it’s over. A Guided Knowledge Empowers and Strengthens the Physical, Mental and Emotional Status and contributes to Early Recovery.


However the Ultimate Goal for all of us is to Cultivate a Responsible, Preventive attitude towards our Health and Well Being with a Balanced Lifestyle. It is based on Healthy Food Choices and Physical Regime coupled with Meditative Practice to Calm and Heal our Inner Being .


Look forward to connecting with all through dietary guidelines, recipes according to age, season and specific Physiological needs !!