Intermittent Fasting has incredible Healing and Body Restorative Benefits


The Fasting lifestyle

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Fasting has been used since the beginning of time due to Food Scarcity or for Healing and Spiritual purposes.


In today’s Day and Age, we are living in a period of Food ABUNDANCE!! Fasting has incredible Healing and Body Restorative Benefits that have been lost in this period of Food Abundance.


Making use of research based and proven strategies for Fasting, we now need to Intentionally Plan out periods of Fasting in our Day, Week and Month in order to get these benefits.


What is Intermittent Fasting ?

Intermittent Fasting, also called “Time restricted feeding” is the Practice of Eating Food within a certain Restricted Period of time on a daily basis. One of the most common approaches to Intermittent Fasting includes a 16-hour Fasting period followed by an 8-hour Feeding period.

What is an Extended Fast ?

Fasting over 48 hours is considered Extended Fasting. There are additional fasting approaches like extended Water Fasting, Bone broth fasting, Green Juice fasting, Fat fast, Keto fast.

Metabolic Flexibility and Energy Efficiency :

Intermittent _fasting


The ability to change our Metabolism to meet the demands of our  Environment is defined as Metabolic Flexibility.

Using our Energy in the most Efficient matter possible to regulate all the needs of the body is defined as Energy Efficiency.

As Humans, we have had to adapt to a number of different challenging Environments. We have had to Run, Climb, Fight, Lift, Starve and kill in order to Survive.

Our Ancestors would regularly have times of Food Shortage and Famine as they always did not have access to Food. These challenges gave us a stronger Survival advantage by priming our Physiology through an ability to change our Metabolism and meet the Unique Demands we face.

However, in the 21st century we can basically sit back and stay stationary all day and continuously feed ourselves.This causes a loss of Metabolic Flexibility and Energy Efficiency making us Weaker as a species and Susceptible to the development of Chronic Disease.



Stimulates Fat Burning : When we Fast our body needs to find an Alternative Fuel. It first begins with burning up stored Sugar called Glycogen. As the Glycogen stores go down, our body begins to burn fat for Fuel and produces Ketones.


Improved Energy Levels : When the body uses Ketones for fuel and increases Norepinephrin in response to the fast, there is more Energy and Mental clarity.  This is due to improved Metabolic Flexibility and Energy Efficiency.


Reduces Inflammation : Fasting Reduces the activity of Inflammatory inducing Gene pathways in the body and also the number of Inflammatory Cytokines produced in the body.


Takes Stress Off of the Digestive System : Fasting takes the Stress off of the Gut and allows it to heal and repair the Immune System, our Joint Tissue, Brain Cells and other regions of the body. Fasting and Liquid Nutrition are key strategies to help Heal Intestinal Permeability by easing the Energy demands of the Digestive process.

Stimulates Cellular Autophagy : Cellular Autophagy is the process where in Innate Immune System breaks down Old, Damaged parts of cells and Abnormally Developing cells. These are used as Raw Materials to Recycle the Energy for building new and Healthier cells as well as Repairing damaged organelles within the cells.


Improves Genetic Repair Mechanisms : Fasting enhances Cellular Rejuvenation by acting on certain Genetic Repair Mechanisms. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is responsible for this improved Repair goes up significantly as the Length of the Fast increases.


Stimulation of Stem Cells : Fasting is a way to Internally Stimulate Stem Cells activity which give our body very Youthful cells that can provide a wide variety of Benefits like Repairing damaged areas of our body.


Improves Insulin Sensitivity : Insulin stimulates Glycolysis and Lipogenesis. Additionally, high Insulin levels from frequent feeding and high Carbohydrated foods,  stimulate Inflammatory Gene pathways. Fasting improves Insulin Sensitivity resulting in Lesser Fat Storage and Inflammation.


Reduces Chronic Disease Risk : All Chronic Diseases are characterised by Chronic Inflammation.  Fasting is the most powerful Nutritional strategy to reduce Inflammation in the body and influence our Genes to express better Health for all the Systems, Tissues and Cells of the body. This greatly Reduces our risk of Chronic disease and Improves the condition of someone already suffering with a chronic disease.


Improved Relationship with Food : Fasting helps us to Control our MindlessEating and Struggles with Sugar, Refined carbs, Dairy and other Craving.

Fasting helps us to realise that these Cravings can be overcome as they are linked to both Emotional and Mental events. It also help us to be more Grateful and Present with the food we consume.


Improved Mental Health : Many people observe that they experience Improved Mood, Mental Clarity and Creativity as Ketones level Elevate in the body. Also many report, feeling the most Productive, at the Peak of their Intermittent Fast or after 3-4 days of Extended Fasting.


Improved Spiritual Health and Intuition : Fasting can help us tune out Emotional Urges and tune into our Intuition which helps us make Better Decisions in life. Fasting has also been used throughout history as a way to elevate Consciousness and Experience a Deeper Relationship with our Creator.


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Deep Singh
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