Emotional Detoxification to Regulate and Optimize Body Functions


Emotional Detoxification to Regulate and Optimize Body Functions.

By admin 0 Comment April 1, 2020

Emotional Detoxification is just as Important and just as closely Related to our well being as Detox at Physical and Physiological Levels to regulate and optimise our Body Functions.

The Immune System is the Back Bone of our entire being , it forms a Tripod with the Endocrine and Nervous system which together define our Emotional and Physical Health . A Turbulence in either of the two has a direct impact on the Immune System and over all well being .

Emotional Toxicity is caused by constant Stress / Anxiety — forever being on the edge. This keeps our body in Sympathetic dominance which is the that part of the Nervous System which prepares the body for a Fight or Flight mode and shuts down the Body Functions which are not important for survival . Hence Chronic Stress compromises and crashes down the body’s Immunity.

The Reasons for Stress can be as varied as Stress due to professional or personal reasons but the body’s response remains the same and delays the Parasympathetic System to bring the body into the Rest and Digest state of being.

Emotional Toxicity is also caused when you don’t enjoy a Good Relationship with yourself and are constantly Degrading yourself. If you think you are not worthy or you live a life which is not aligned with your value system them all of this has an extremely Detrimental effect on your Immune, Endocrine and Nervous System .

So even as we get down to doing a Detox at a Physical and Physiological level we need to Emotionally Detox ourselves by being mindful of our daily activities and experiences which might be the Triggers for a Stressful response. Equally important is to recognise the importance of our Anxiety Reducing Neurotransmitters like GABA and Serotonin.

These are made up of Essential Amino Acids and need co-factors like Magnesium, Zinc , Vitamin B6 etc for their Formation and Absorption. Reduced GABA secretions are due to Gut issues and Physical Stress and reduces Serotonin because of constant Mental Stress and Anxiety .

Emotional toxicity caused by Hormonal Factors or Stress lower the Immunity and make our bodies susceptible to Infections and Diseases.

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