Weight gain during and after Cancer Treatment


Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment

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Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment has varied reasons/ factors which with a few individual variations can be addressed by following the below listed Guidelines –

Whether the Weight Gain is because of Fluid Retention, Increased Appetite due to Steroids/ other Drugs , Anxiety Driven Hunger — it can be managed with a Regular Meal Pattern/ Dietary Intake .

As the body’s Metabolic Activity stabilises with timely Meals based on Plant Based Seasonal food choices of Local produce , the Energy Generation increases. This improves Digestion and provides Satiety , with better Energy Generation there is more constructive Physical Activity which help further improve the Mental and Emotional Health status .

1) Most Important is to get up on Time after a minimum of Seven Hours Sleep and have Breakfast latest by 9 .

Steamed Sprouts mixed with Seasonal Vegetables and lots of Lemon , Ginger, Green Chilli , Coriander add not only to the Taste but Nutritive Value which helps in better Digestion and hence Energy Generation .

Mixed vegetable Dalia / Poha / Upma are both popular and easy to make options for Breakfast , Flavour them with Sambhar powder preferably home made to add Taste and Nutrition .

Substitute Stuffed Parathas with Stuffed Roti and balance the Fat used in paratha  via spreading (half teaspoon ) Ghee on Roti n one small Teaspoon of White Butter and a glass of Buttermilk.

Breakfast can be accompanied with Tea , Milk or Butter Milk as per personal choice and according to Season.  Fruits should either be taken before Breakfast but it should not delay breakfast time .  Best is to have as a Mid Morning Snack whether at home or work.


2) Seasonal fruits like Guava, Black Grapes , Strawberries in winters and Plums , Cherries and Jamun should be regularly had in Summers .

All the above are high in Fibre and Antioxidants plus essential Nutrients required in that particular Season.  Remaining fruits like Apples, Kiwi, Bananas which are available all year round can be eaten in addition to above .

Fruits are best eaten in between Major Meals instead of with or After Meals .


3) Lunch should have a Seasonal Green Vegetable( 200gms) coupled with a small sized Potato to make it fulfilling and a big bowl of Cucumber/ Laukee/ Carrot Raita with one Black Chana-atta chappatti .

Lunch should best be had latest by 1.30 in the Afternoon.


4) If possible a Short Nap of Half an Hour freshens the Mind and Body , a fruit should be eaten around 4 to ensure that minimum of Two Seasonal Fruits are eaten through the day.


5) Around 5 a cup of tea with a handful of Dry Roasted makhanas or Roasted Black Chana help to reduce the long gap between two major meals .


6) A hearty bowl of Vegetable Soup with a lightly buttered Multi-grain Slice makes a good option of dinner.  However for Satiety and Variety it can be alternated with Uttapam , Vegetable Idle with Coconut Chutney, Baked vegetables / boiled vegetables with a Slice of Multi-grain bread , Moong Daal Chilla with Green Chutney .

Dinner should be eaten by 8:00 latest


7) By 9.30 before going to Sleep a Cup of Milk with two Dates and Four Almonds forms a good way to end the day with a sound sleep of 8 Hours !!


The Body responds to a regulated Regime by supporting the Immune System to do the necessary Healing and Repairing after the cancer Treatment .  A Healthy Metabolism generates required Energy for each of the Organ System to carry out their Functions Synergistically leading to an Overall Well Being .


Notes/Tips :

  • A Micro-Nutrient Dense and not Calorie Dense Diet based on Plant Based Seasonal Foods provides ample Fibre , Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients in the desired quantities to maintain Healthy Body Weight .
  • It Regulates Bowel Movement for which eating on TIME is the most essential factor coupled with a regular physical Regime and meditation practise .
  • Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables are high in Antioxidants and Whole Grain Cereals are high in Fibre , both these help in reducing Inflammation — one of the major reason for Body Ache .
  • Anaemia also improves with Better Gut Functions and Better Absorption.
  • Dry roasted Nuts , Seeds and Makhanas are an extremely good source of Calcium , Iron , Magnesium, good Fats , Proteins etc and should always be handy to have as Snacks instead of reaching out for the Unhealthy options .Sprinkled with Black Salt and Black Pepper they make a tasty satisfying fulfilling Snack .
  • A pinch of Rock Salt and one fourth teaspoon of Ajwain after lunch is good for Digestion and should be taken as a Routine .
  • Black salt and Roasted Jeera Powder added to Fruits and Salads add Taste as well ease of Digestion , Jeera is a very good source of Calcium and should be liberally used in Tempering Vegetables and Daal .
  • Green chilli , fresh Coriander , Ginger , Heeng all add Taste , Nutritive Value as well aid in Digestion.
  • It’s Most Important make Healthy Food Choices and provide a Conducive Environment in form of a Healthy Gut to ensure Optimum Absorption to reach our Nutritional Goals .
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Garvita Midha
Garvita Midha
3 years ago

Amazing Content!!

3 years ago

Amazing Content! Thank for this in-depth knowledge!

Sandeep Goyal
Sandeep Goyal
3 years ago

Very informative article. It will help all those people requiring guidance in these aspects

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Kayleen Varner
4 years ago

Thanks for this inspirational and very well written article. I want to add how I lost weight effortlessly with a 100 natural product: