Nutritional Guidelines for Prevention of  Cancer -

Nutritional Guidelines for Prevention of Cancer


The most important underlying cause of Cancer is Inflammation, Chronic Inflammation which sends wrong messages to the brain and disturbs the pathway connecting various Organ Systems to the Brain .


Any kind of Injury , Infection or a Foreign Body Invasion which body regards as a potential danger to itself results in Inflammation which is the body’s first line of defense without which survival would be a challenge.However when such instances are repetitive over a course of long period they result in Chronic inflammation which then becomes the bed / foundation of various life Style Diseases including Cancer .


In fact it would not be far fetched to say that if these Chronic Ailments are kept in control they could very well control the high rise incidence of cancer.These disease are a constant source of Stress and Challenge to the Immune System and a Compromised Immune System over a period of time falls prey to cancer as its ability to fight off the Cancer cells diminishes.


This is where Balanced Diet and Nutrition plays an active role to charge up the Immune System and prevent the Lifestyle Diseases which are in many ways a Precursor to the dreaded Cancer and hence play a role in its Prevention .A strong Immune System also supports the Ongoing Cancer Treatment as also helps to maintain and sustain a healthy status after the treatment is over .This in its own way prevents and controls Recurrence of the Disease .


Guidelines for Prevention Of Cancer/Disease Reoccurrence

Various guidelines for Prevention of Cancer as well as after Treatment are in sync with each other as they both serve the basic purpose of strengthening the Immune System.


1) Plant based Diet of Seasonal Food Choices of local produce puts minimum Stress on Digestive system and allows for smooth flow of energy for Immune System for Healing and Repairing the damaged tissues.


2) Eliminating Processed food to eliminate Chemical additives of any sorts , as also to help food retains its Natural Macro as well as Micro Nutrients.


3) Prevent  Leaky gut from allowing undigested protein particles to enter the Blood Stream .These particles are recognized as foreign bodies and cause an Inflammatory Response. A balanced plant based with a good mix of Nuts and Seeds Diet provides all essential Nutrients to maintain good Gut Health.


4) Plant based diet promotes an Alkaline Environment , unhealthy micro organisms thrive in an Acidic Environment which is another factor in promoting Inflammation.


5) An Anti Oxidant Rice Balanced Diet maintains good Microbiome which is the most important Precursor to good Brain Health !


6) 70-80%of of Immune Health resides in the Intra-Epithelial lining of the gut , automatically making good Gut Health the most important factor in maintaining a strong Immune System.


A Healthy Meal plan based on these guidelines coupled with a Regular Sleep Pattern and Moderate Physical Activity (depending on the physiological status of an individual) ensure a Sustainable Health Status !!