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    Healthy Ways of Incorporating Fruits and Vegetables in our Diet

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    A balanced Diet before, during and after Cancer Treatment

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Our Objective

Customised Consultation Programmes

Both in Clinic and Online Consultation


PCOS, Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight management, Nutritional guidelines during and after cancer treatment


Assessment of Physical and Physiological parametres for total well-being. Assessment of present Medical and Dietary History.

Nutritional Goals

For Designing Customized Meal Plan


Macro as well as Micro Nutrients


Biological factors like Age , Sex, height , Weight and Growth Phase.
Physiological Factors like. Pregnancy lactation, illness various Metabolic Syndrome is how Mental Disturbances

Meal Plans

BALANCED MEAL PLAN — Nutrient Dense not just Calorie Dense


Fulfilling Nutrituional Goals to Maintain Optimal Health Status


Anti Inflammatory , Plant Based , Antioxidant Rich Seasonal Food Choices

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Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment

By admin 9 Comments June 6, 2020

Weight gain During and After Cancer Treatment has varied reasons/ factors which with a few individual variations can be addressed by following the below listed Guidelines – Whether the Weight Gain is because of Fluid Retention, Increased Appetite due to Steroids/ other Drugs , Anxiety Driven Hunger — it can be managed with a Regular […]

The Fasting lifestyle

By admin 8 Comments May 8, 2020

Fasting has been used since the beginning of time due to Food Scarcity or for Healing and Spiritual purposes.   In today’s Day and Age, we are living in a period of Food ABUNDANCE!! Fasting has incredible Healing and Body Restorative Benefits that have been lost in this period of Food Abundance.   Making use […]

Cancer – Root Cause / Risk Factors

By admin 0 Comment April 20, 2020

  Prolonged inflammation in any part of the body should not be ignored as Chronic Inflammation is the Root Cause of Cancer. Chronic Bacterial, Viral or Parasitic infection or Persistent Pain due to Fall, Injury, Burn etc should not be ignored. They lead to Chronic Inflammation and production of Primary as well as Secondary Inflammatory […]

Eating Healthy is not just about Surviving -- it's all about Thriving.


A Live Webinar on Nutritional Phychiatry

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-17 at 2.33.09 PM (2)

Celebrating Karwa-Chauth with Cancer Warriors at Max Vaishali

International Conference on Cancer Rehabilitation at Tata Memorial Hospital

It was a huge privilege and an immense learning experience to participate in the 2nd International conference on cancer rehabilitation at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai,which is one of the premier tertiary cancer center, dedicated to  treatment,  education and research…



“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day- in and day- out”.
I started to feel the reality of this statement when I first met Dt. Archana Agarwal and began the health regime she prescribed.
I had always been an overweight person, but things became difficult when my deteriorating physical health began to take a toll on my mental health too…

                — Ashima

The Essence of good Health By archana Agarwal is a very good initiative for all of us ;especially the urban people because she is experienced in giving consultation on proper nutrition to work effectively. Without good nutrition, our body is more prone to diseases, infections, fatigue, poor performance, heart disease and even cancer. All the best to Archana Agarwal..

— Ritu Gupta

I had been facing a lot of issues related to taste and appetite . Consulted many Doctors and from physicians to ENT …I tried it all ! I was put on several medicines that eventually made me very lathargic and absent minded. The situation would improve for a few months and resurface again. I was getting disgusted and frustrated ,also a little worried. Being a 

– Meenu Madan

Cancer Champion



Consultation at Home Clinic in Vivek Vihar by Appointment