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Meals Plan

Based on the Firm Foundation of the Nutritional Goals of an Individual our next Objective is to make a Meal Plan to  ensure that it provides all Nutrients in required Amounts and Proportions.

The Two most Important Principles of a good Meal Plan are based on Adequacy as well as Balance of all Essential Macro and Micro-nutrients. Converting the Nutritional Goals into Sustainable Meal Plans is possible after thoroughly understanding the Nutritional Status, Individual Preferences as well as the Daily Routine of an individual, their Working Status as well as help available in preparing Meals.

As far as possible the Preferences Physiological Needs of the other Family Members is also kept in mind while  planning the meals to make the meal Plan Sustainable. Seasonal Availability as well as as well as Foods of Local Produce are always given preference to ensure Freshness, Nutrition as well as to make the Meal Plan Economical.

A  wide Variety of Recipes is regularly shared to add Novelty which makes Meals a Happy and Healthy Family Time !