Important Guidelines and Dietary Tips to Optimize our Energy Expenditure


Important Guidelines and Dietary Tips to Optimize our Energy Expenditure

By admin 0 Comment April 1, 2020

The following are Important Guidelines and Dietary Tips to Optimize our ENERGY EXPENDITURE and ENERGY CONSERVATION.


We all know and understand that life is Energy and this energy comes from the Food that we eat , the food that’s ingested undergoes a series of Metabolic Process to get converted into Energy .This energy is used to keep our Internal system functioning which is Invisible as well as largely Intangible and also for us to do a series of varied Work Externally which is largely Visible as also Tangible .


Now what is Important, is that the we need to pay as much Attention to the Energy Requirements of our Internal System as well as what we need to perform various Activities Outside of the body .


How well we perform the External Activities is a true Reflection of our Internal Well Being which we often neglect . We all need to consciously Realize and Acknowledge the ongoing Life Sustaining Processes which are consistently working all through our Rest Periods. Our Circulatory , Respiratory, Endocrine , Excretory are some of these !! And the major of the Healing and Repairing happens in the rest hours .


We relate Inflammation to Infection , Injury etc but this Silent reason and also very often the most Neglected one becomes the reason for Chronic Diseases !!


I will explain the pathway to Chronic Inflammation in my coming audio/ videos , for now let’s go through a few Guidelines to be followed to maintain a Constant flow of Energy for Healthy , Sustainable Functioning of our Internal as well as External Well Being !!


Most of us are aware of these and I have tried to explain in details so as to Reinforce their Importance !!


1) First and Foremost is to sync our Body Energy with the Universal Energy and the single way  to do that is to Sleep on Time so that one gets up latest by Seven o’clock in Winters and Six- Thirty in Summers after a restful sleep of Eight Hours .

Important Guidelines and Dietary Tips


To most it sounds like a lot of Effort but once made a Habit they result in Phenomenal Increase in Productivity and general feeling of Well Being both Physically as well as Emotionally!! Sleeping late does not give the body the required Time for Healing and is a constant challenge to the Immune System , getting up late disturbs the Metabolic machinery and hence the Energy Production .


2)Let the Brain get the Message within the first Fifteen Minutes of waking up that the supply of Fuel for the functioning of the various systems has begun .



One of the best way to do that is with the age old Practise of having one teaspoon of Honey and upto one small Lemon in a glass of Luke warm water with a handful of overnight  soaked Assorted Nuts . Honey reaches the Brain almost immediately and kick-starts the Metabolic process and Lemon creates the required Alkaline environment.


3) If either the Nuts or Lemon don’t agree with u then have a small bowl of Fresh Seasonal Fruit after giving a gap of fifteen minutes of having Luke Warm Water .


4) Best is to go out for a brisk walk of at least twenty minutes ,in case that too is not feasible spend ten minutes in Slow Clockwise and Anti Clockwise Rotation of all the joints . This Balances the Energy inside , slowly Stretch for four times , go up with arms stretched out and up with an Inhalation , stay there for 30 seconds and keep breathing , then slowly come down with an Exhalation . This naturally Massages the Internal Organs and can be done as of often  as possible through the day , it also naturally Squeezes any Acid in the Stomach and prevents Reflux and the resulting Acidity.


5) The Meals should be Plant based with Seasonal choices .Try and have a minimum of two Seasonal Fruits and two portions of Raw Veggies in form of Salads . Fruits and Salads form excellent in-between Snacks , and are excellent source of Phytonutrients . These are full of Antioxidants and Fibre which provide Satiety value as well as Optimize the Metabolic process .


This in turn Increases the Energy Production and Minimizes the conversion of food into Extra and Undesirable Body Fat .

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