Nutritional Goals of an individual :Guidelines for Designing the Meal Plan.

Nutritional Goals

Nutritional Goals of an Individual form the Foundation as well as Guidelines for Designing the Meal Plan.

Nutritional Goals depend on a number of  Factors out of which the Biological , Physiological, Psychological, Food Sensitivities and Allergies are amongst the major which Optimise the achievement of the nutritional goals.

One of my Prime Objective is to Partner you in defining your Nutritional Goals based on your Present Nutritional Status and Requirements to Optimise your Well Being and help you to lead a Lifestyle which not only Maintains but also Sustains good Health through your years !!

The Biological Factors like Age, Sex, Height, Weight  and Growth phase affect not only the Quality but also the Quantity required by an individual .  Individuals of the same Age and Gender may have different Requirements of both Macro-nutrients like Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats as well as Micro-nutrients like various Minerals and Vitamins.

The Physiological Factors like Pregnancy, Lactation, Illness , various Metabolic Syndromes , Hormonal Disturbances come with their own specific Nutritional Demands and Needs .  During Pregnancy  focus is not only on quantity and quality but also on Methods of Preparation to suit the Taste of the pregnant lady and during Lactation the focus is on the Feeding Infant as well as the Mother , as the Infant’s growth and Well Being is entirely dependent in the Mother’s Diet .

The Efficiency with which the Digestive System Absorbs the Ingested and Digested Food is amongest the most important factor in Defining and Achieving the Nutritional Goals . Certain Physiological conditions as well as Illness have a direct impact on the above .

The Demographic Factors like the Geographical Location,Local Agriculture , Weather etc also govern the setting of Nutritional Goals .  Extreme Cold or Hot weather put different Demands and also the ease of Availability of Nutritious Foods in a particular area affect the Achievement of Nutritional Goals .

Emotional and Psychological Status of an individual also affect the Setting and  Achieving of Nutritional Goals as they have a direct Impact on both the Appetite as well as the Digestion and Absorption process .

A thorough Interaction and Understanding of an Individuals Requirements and Present Health Status help to establish Goals which are then achieved through a Balanced and Customized Meal Plan .

These can be achieved through Personalized Interactive Session both in-Person as well as Online .