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Customized Consultation Programmes

— Both in Clinic and Online Consultation


PCOS,Diabetes, Hypertension,Weight management,Nutritional Guidelines during and after Cancer treatment


Assessment of Physical and Physiological parametres for total well-being.
Assessment of present medical and Dietary history.

The Intent and Focus of the Customised Dietary Consultation is to reach the Nutritional Goals with the help of a feasible Meal Plan which addresses your Specific Issues .
After having assessed an Individual’s Medical as well as Dietary History coupled with other Physical and Physiological parameters a Diet tailored to your Specific Concerns is designed .
The First Session is used to analyse an Individual’s Diet based on Past Dietary Record to determine whether adequate amounts of Macro-nutrients as well as Micro-nutrients are being received or not .
Depending on an Individual’s Need and Health Issue the Dietary Plan is supported by
1) Lifestyle and Exercise recommendations.
2) Stress Management
3) Menu Planning as well as learning to make optimal Food Choices .
4) Delicious Recipes keeping in mind allergies, health issues,etc.
In addition to above lot of emphasis is put on Educating and hence Empowering with the Knowledge of the role of Nutrition as a Key Component to overall Health and Well Being .
Many Chronic Health Issues can be Prevented , Supported , in fact can be reversed simply with Dietary changes . These include Obesity, High Blood Pressure, PCOS/PCOD ,TYPE 2 Diabetes , Hormonal Imbalance to name a few .
Auto-immune Diseases as well as Painful Inflammatory conditions too are Addressed and Alleviated with Dietary Intervention .
Healthy Lifestyle coupled with regular Physical Regime and Stress Management form the Foundation of Preventing the Epidemic of the Era — dreaded C — Cancer !!
Personalized One-to-one Consultation as well as Online Sessions help to Achieve and Enhance the Quality of Life whether you are looking for Weight Loss,  dealing with a Chronic Illness, have Food Allergies issues to achieve true , sustainable well being !!