Women Day Celebration at Cloudnine by Connected-women to women

Women Day Celebration at Cloudnine by Connected-women to women

By admin 0 Comment May 10, 2020

Women Day Celebration at Cloudnine by Connected-Women to Women


It’s is a beautiful initiative by Ritu Bhardwaj to help new mothers come forward to share their challenges of motherhood and an entirely new experience of being a parent. Nothing is more divinely blessed than to hold your bundle of joy but motherhood also ushers in innumerable questions, doubts, fears, and anxiety. The group has very successfully in its very short period of inception brought together and connected moms from all over the country and beyond.


Chief  Guest of the event was the ever graceful and blessed with a spontaneous human connect RJ, TV anchor and journalist RICHA ANIRUDH. Her warm interaction with the audience was sealed with the promise of carrying forward the intent of the women community 


Many experienced hands have joined hands to support and guide this community of young moms and it was a pleasure to share my thoughts and guidelines for a good dietary regime on Women Day celebrations at the warm ambiance of Cloudnine Hospitals in Noida. The young lot was most receptive and eager to learn the best way to nurture and nourish their little ones and at the same time take good care of themselves !!

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