Almond Milk Semolina Porridge,Healthy Source of Mono Saturated Fats


Almond Milk Semolina Porridge / Almond Milk Soojee Kheer

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Almond Milk Semolina Porridge / Almond Milk Soojee Kheer


Home made Almond Milk is free from Saturated Fats though it’s Protein content and Calcium content is much lower than that of Cow’s Milk .However it is Lactose-Free and low in Calories and has no Cholesterol, it’s a Good Source of the Heart Healthy Mono Saturated Fats . The commercial Almond Milk may be fortified with essential Vitamins and Minerals but it’s best to make at home to prevent Spoilage and maintain Quality. It is free from Pro-inflammatory compounds which is so important during recovery.


It can be flavoured with Vanilla and taken as regular Milk or used for various milk preparations like the Almond Milk Semolina Porridge.


(Serving sizes – 1)

  • Almond milk made from 100 gms of Almonds soaked for a day, then Peeled and processed with 400 ml of water and strained through a sieve.
    Use one cup of this milk to make one medium bowl of Porridge.
  • One teaspoon of Semolina
  • One small Cardamom (chotee ilaichee)
  • 6-7 Raisins washed well.
  • One teaspoon of Almonds and Walnuts.
  • Dry roast Semolina on slow fire and gradually add Almond Milk which is further diluted with water depending on consistency desired.
  • Keep stirring to maintain smooth consistency and add Powdered Cardamom for Flavour and Raisins for natural sweetness. (if needed one can add Honey or Gur shakker as per taste , however best is to have with natural Sugars).
    Chopped Dates are another alternative to providing sweet taste.
  • Garnish with Almonds and Walnuts.



Adding a few strands of Kesar adds to the Colour and Flavour of the Porridge.

This makes a fulfilling and easy to digest breakfast option as well as one of many small meals when on a Semi Solid Soft Diet!!


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