Workshop for Women suffering from PCOS at Dr. Dipti Nabh Health Clinic

Workshop on Nutritional Guidelines for Treating PCOS

By admin 0 Comment May 10, 2020


At a workshop at Dr. Dipti Nabh’s Women and Child health clinic to educate and empower women suffering from PCOS( polycystic ovary Workshop for Women syndrome).


Dr. Nabh has more than three decades of expertise and her compassionate and empathetic approach provides the much needed healing touch to the patients.


PCOS is an endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age, which leads to reproductive, hormonal and metabolic abnormalities.


Environmental factors such as Dietary Habits play an important role in prevention and treatment.Lifestyle modifications are the most important therapeutic strategies in these patients.


The goal of DIET THERAPY in these patients is to improve Insulin Resistance, Metabolic and Reproductive functions by way of

1)Low-calorie diet to achieve weight loss or maintain a healthy weight.
2)Limiting the intake of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates and having foods with a low glycaemic index.
3)Reduction of saturated and trans fatty acids.
4)Attention to possible deficiencies such as vitamin D chromium and omega-3.


Relatively even a low reduction in weight about 5% can improve problems such as insulin resistance, high levels of androgens , reproductive system dysfunctions in these women.


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