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What you Today is Important

By admin 0 Comment March 28, 2020

What you do TODAY is IMPORTANT because you are exchanging a day of your LIFE for it !!!

We all read, hear, know as well as understand fairly well what it takes to maintain a healthy physical and emotional well being .
However we still sacrifice our happiness for many external and petty reasons which are as varied as a paycheck, approval from others or spending project !!

Hence I would like to explore with you not just as a practicing dietician of thirty odd years but also as an individual that where and why we fall short in implementing all that we know goes into maintaining a healthy well being.

I strongly believe that deep down each one of us knows that each day of our life should be spent doing something which we love and feel passionate about and that which truly fulfills us.

All the reasons behind which we hide are not stronger nor more relevant than the inner voice and instincts which guide us with its limitless knowledge.

And the one single way to dive into this limitless knowledge is to sync and align ourselves with the universal energy to achieve physical, emotional, mental and social well being !!

Through a series of ongoing guidelines, audio and videos let’s join hands in our onward journey to realize our full potential and live a life which we truly love !!

The foremost essential guideline to achieve all of above and and so much more is to be MINDFUL and not irresponsible nor obsessed about what and equally important when do we eat food, the water that we drink ,the air that we breathe !!

And equally mindful about the thoughts that we give entry to in our minds because whatever that goes into our body and mind makes us what we are TODAY !!!!

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