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Tomato ,Potato, Carrot and Beet Root Soup

By admin 2 Comments May 3, 2020

This Soup is highly recommended for maintaining Good Liver, Eye and Cardiovascular Health as well as for its Anti Cancer properties .


Carrots , Tomatoes and Beet are good sources of vitamin A and C and hence have Antioxidants, Anti inflammatory as well as Detoxifying properties .Both beets and Carrots are very high in Phytonutrients as well as other Nutrients like Vitamin K , Vitamin B3, B6, Biotin, Potassium, Copper, Manganese .Beet fibre along with Carrot Fibre provides specific fibre benefit related to digestive track and in preventing certain Cancer including Lung ,Prostrate , Stomach cancer.

Potatoes are Good Sourceof Vitamin B3! Vitamin B6 , Copper , Phosphorus, Manganese Potassium and Fibre .


The combination of these Nutrient rich Vegetables make a Hearty Soup which is not only fulfilling but also Balanced in its Glycaemic index values as the low GlycaemicIndex of Carrot and Tomatoes is balanced by medium and high of Beets and Potatoes respectively.



1) Carrots- 100 gram
2) Tomatoes-100 gram
3) Potatoes – 50 gm
4) Beets -50 gm
5) Rock salt – to taste


Wash all Vegetables very well and peel Carrots , Potatoes and Beets . Chop all Vegetables into 1″ pieces and steam in minimum quantity of water or use steamer . Avoid boiling to prevent loss of Nutrients .Once cool , Purée in Food processor and add water as necessary . Strain through a mesh and add water to adjust thickness and give a quick boil .

Add Salt and Butter as per taste and need .


In case a soft Diet high in calories is needed ,a slice of Bread shallow Fried in Ghee may be given or a Buttered toast .


This will make a complete Meal in terms of calories as well as Essential Macro and  Micro nutrients !!

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Alka singh
Alka singh
3 years ago