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Respecting the Body Clock- is the key to complete Well Being

By admin 2 Comments March 29, 2020

There is a whole lot of Thought, Time, Money and Energy spent by each one of us in one or the other way to keep our physical body healthy. These different methods are following a Regulated Diet Regime, Going for walk, Gym, practising Yoga, taking Supplements.

However one thing which is most Important to maintain a Healthy Physical and Mental status which defines the Emotional and Social status of each one of us is to give due and complete respect to our Body Clock.

The one and only one way of Optimising the various ways n Remedies followed to maintain a Healthy Being is to Respect and follow Natures Way and not go against it which we all knowingly or unknowingly in some or many ways do it.

One of the most common example is out Distorted Sleeping Hours, we all find varied excuses to justify our Sleeping Late which is automatically followed by Getting Up Late.  And even if we manage to get up Early due to Work Pressure there is never enough time to do the Morning Abulations in time, or have anything more than a hurried glass of coffee.

This Temporarily gives the Surge of Energy but can play Havoc with a Stomach which has been on a Starvation Mode and is waiting to break the minimal 12 hour fast which is normally the time since we had ourLlast Meals.

With this Scanty Supply of Fuel we expect our GlucoseHungry Brain and Energy Depleted Body to perform Miracles which it does Occasionally and also more frequently for the more Fortunate.

However the Price that our system Pays in the long run are a series of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies, Obesity as well as Stubborn and Resistant Weight Gain, Persistent Headache and Fatigue , Hypertension, Anxiety and many other in fact all diseases can be related to Irregularities in Sleeping and Eating Habits .

Our body’s various Organ System have so perfectly Wired and Designed by the Divine that there is really very little rather Negligible scope for any Mishap to take place unless the system is disturbed by Imbalance caused by Irregularities like Late Sleeping Hours, loading the system with too much food after long and stretched hours.

In more than one way when we Eat is even more Important than What we eat as our Digestive System is made to Function way long after the time it has been designed. Its Perfect Machinery Performance is distorted by Unhealthy Combinations of food consumed at Unhealthy Hours.  The Incorrect Metabolism results in and is the Root Cause of almost all Life Style Disease including various kinds of Cancer.

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