A Diet rich in fruits and Vegetables is a key in preventing Cancer


Nutritional Guidelines for Preventing Breast Cancer Risk Factors

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Eating a Diet high in Vegetables n Fruits in general has been found in preventing Breast Cancer and this is likely related to the Cancer Protective Nutrients found in these Foods .

Childhood and Adolescence seems to be the most Important time to use these Protective Foods and avoid factors in Diet that increase Risk of Cancer as damage to Cell Structure can occur Early in Life too!!

The various Causative factors of Breast Cancer include exposure to Chemicals, Supplemented Hormones, Radiation exposure , early First Menstruation, Sedentary Lifestyle, Alcohol and Tobacco use and high Animal Product intake.

All these causative factors lead to increased Inflammatory responses and Rise in free Radicals leading to increased Risks of Cellular Damage due to Oxidative Stress.

An Anti Inflammatory Diet rich in Antioxidants has the power to repair defects that can lead to Cancer, Detoxify Carcinogens, Stimulate Immune System to recognize, Repair Abnormalities and Stimulate Impaired Apoptosis.

The Vitamins, Minerals, Photo-chemicals and Antioxidants found in a Diet rich in seasonal Vegetables and Fruits,  Beans, Nuts and Seeds and various Berries  is the key in preventing Occurrence and Re-occurrence of Cancer.

In fact a balanced Micro-nutrient dense Diet can play a very strong supportive role during Treatment as well as in sustaining and maintaining Treatment .

Factors in Diet that increase Risk of Cancer :-

1) Diet with a high Glycemic index.
2) Low in Anti-oxidants and Photo-chemical obtained from green and coloured Fruits and Vegetables.
3) High in Animal Protein raising  IGF -10 Cancer promoting level.
4) Commercial  Baked Foods, Snack foods, Ice-cream Sodas, which are not only Calorie dense n Low in Nutrients have Chemicals in the form of Artificial Sweeteners , whose Flour, loaded with Sodium n other Chemicals as preservatives resulting in increased Toxins.


The Guidelines for Preventing Breast Cancer as also to maintain and sustain Treatment are based on the following factors. :-

1) The Diet should be high in Anti-oxidants and Phyto-chemicals to prevent Prolonged Inflammation and to boost Immunity .  At least two seasonal Fruits and three portions each of 100 gm of seasonal Vegetables should be consumed in a day .  They provide Anti-oxidants as well as the necessary Fibre to maintain good Gut Health.

This prevents –

a) Obesity
b) Sugar spikes and Insulin resistance
c) Hormonal Imbalance due to excess Body Weight
d) Optimizes energy generation
e) Increases productivity and reduces Stress

All these factors are predisposing to the onset of the disease


2) It’s equally important to focus on the Meal timings as well as to Sleep on time for minimum of Seven Hours and one should no later than 10.

This helps in –
a) Building Healthy appetite
b) Promotes good Digestion and hence optimizes Metabolism
c) Promotes good Healing and Repairing process of the Body


3) Along with the Meals based on seasonal food choices eaten on regular intervals , it’s important to understand that the Choice of Utensils, Cooking methods , Washing Soap Bars / Liquids also play a very Important role in adding to the chemical overload in our Bodies .

The following points should be kept in mind to prevent chemical toxicity through our food  intake  –

a) Completely avoid Aluminium Cookware as Leaching of the Metal takes place during Cooking and Chemicals in washing bars get Lodged in the scraped Metal Surface .  Stainless Steel and Earthen Cookware are better options and Liquid Medium should be used for cleaning of Utensils .

b) Wash Fruits and Vegetables under full Flow of Water and Scrub well to remove both Chemical and Insects/ Micro-organism Infestation .  When on doubt use a Teaspoon of eating Soda and two Teaspoons of Salt to soak Vegetables for two to three hours.

c) Buy Seasonal and Local Fruits and Vegetables to ensure minimal use of Chemicals in their Ripening process as well as to get their optimum Nutrients Content .

d) Avoid Canned and Processed Foods like Jams , Sauces of various kinds , Pickles etc.. , to avoid Chemicals in form of Preservatives and Stabilizers as well as their High Sugar and Salt content .  Its best to have Home Made preparations in moderation .


4) It’s very essential to eat well cooked Fresh Food in the right Posture in the right Frame of Mind .

When we eat Food MINDFULLY  we automatically are Conscious of portion sizes and alert to the satiety signals , we Digest and Absorb food well to optimize Energy Generation .  It leads to good Metabolism and Prevention of unnecessary harmful  Body Fat .


5) Coupled with a Balanced Diet a regular Physical Regime and Meditation practice increases the Lung Capacity for better Oxygen intake which is the essential fuel for our energy generation from Ingested Food .

A good Physical Health status with a calm Mind Stabilizes the body and optimizes it’s self Healing and Repairing capacity to keep the Body Disease free and for a Healthy Well Being !!


6) A Diet which is primarily based on fresh seasonal Fruits and Vegetables, whole grain Cereals , Nuts , Seeds and Berries puts minimum Stress on the body for maximum Energy Generation to maintain and sustain Internal Life processes as well provide Energy to do work outside the Body .

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