Muhammara Dip incorporates ingredients, powerhouse of antioxidants

Muhamarra -Dip

Muhammara Dip

By admin 0 Comment May 5, 2020

Friends, lets indulge our taste-buds with this delicious Muhammara Red Pepper and Walnut Dip which basically originates from Aleppo, Syria.


I simply love it not just for its Exotic Tangy and Sweet flavors but the beautiful way it incorporates Ingredients which are Powerhouse of Antioxidants .


It’s a very versatile Dip which can be used with Assorted Veggies -I love it with Carrot and Cucumber sticks and sliced Green Apple, it can  be used as a spread for wraps and Sandwiches or a paste for your Rice or cooked Cereal of choice or with Pita Bread or crackers which are my least preferred or suggested options !!


The original Recipe includes some Bread Crumbs and olive oil which I totally eliminate .


Ingredients for Muhammara Dip:

I) one medium sized roasted Red Bell Pepper ( use a rack over gas cook top to roast the pepper till skin turns black )once cool peel off the skin and deseed and roughly chop the pepper )

2) Juice of one small Pomegranate ( original recipe talks of cooking it to create molasses but I don’t cook  to keep its nutrients intact )

3) half a cup of chopped Walnuts

4) juice of half a Lemon

5) 3-4 pods of Finely Chopped Garlic

6) salt and Chilli Flakes to taste

7) one teaspoon of ground Cumin powder for extra Flavor is totally as per individual liking .

8) you can top it with Lemon Zest or Coriander Sprigs .



All you need to do is put all Ingredients in a processor and blend and Pulse for a slightly coarse or fine texture again depending on individual choice.


In case you want a thicker Spread you may add Home made Bread Crumbs to absorb the extra moisture  but I normally increase my Walnuts as I find doing that , a more healthier option !!


And yes if u wish to, a small drizzle of Olive Oil is perfectly fine to help release and absorb the Fat Soluble Vitamins !!


So go ahead and Enjoy and do Share your Experiences !!


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