A balanced and Nutritious diet during and after Cancer treatment


A balanced Diet before, during and after Cancer Treatment

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A Balanced Diet which Optimally satisfies your Macro as well as Micro-nutrient needs, is a Gateway to a strong Immune System which is the Backbone of our Body!

This especially holds true during and after Cancer Treatment because Cancer is the result of a Weakened/ Compromised / Suppressed Immune System .

This can happen because of a variety of Reasons out of which Gut Health Chronic Inflammation are of Prime importance .

The other reasons can be Chronic Infection, Deficiencies, Metal Toxicity, Stress all of which lead to Weak Immune System.

A Balanced Diet which is Customized according to your Individual Nutritional needs helps to satisfy all the three para-metres of Health that is  Physical, Mental and emotional Health.

This in turn helps to strengthen the Immune System to Optimize the result of the Ongoing Treatment as well as make the Treatment Sustainable and Prevent  Re-occurrence of the Disease!!

Nutrition before Cancer Treatment :-

Eating well before Cancer Treatment begins may help to Increase your Energy and improve your Sleeping patterns if you have Lost Weight before starting Treatment you do a Cancer you may be encouraged to follow High-Protein High Calorie Diet.

It’s good to prepare Yourself and Your Home for your Nutritional needs during Cancer Therapy by having Foods in Hand that you like to Eat and will be Beneficial to you.

You will have good things to choose from in your Kitchen even if you do not feel Well Enough to prepare an Elaborate Meal.

If you have been concerned in the past about Weight Gain your focus will likely to change to eating enough to keep your Weight constant.

Before Treatment begins, a Cancer Tumour itself can cause problems that may result in Eating problems or Weight Loss.

It is not uncommon to have Lactose Intolerance, Nausea, Vomiting, Poor Digestion or a feeling of early fullness Sleepiness and Forgetfulness even before Treatment for Cancer.

Nutrition is an important part of Life for Cancer Treatment Recovery and Prevention.  Food is one of the few things,  you can be in control of during the Treatment.

Nutrition Counselling can help you in the following ways:

  • Fewer Complications
  • Fewer Hospitalization
  • Increased performance status
  • Fewer Treatment breaks or delays
  • Improved Quality of life
  • Potential improved Survival and Outcomes


Nutrition and Cancer

It is very important to maintain Proper Nutrition Before, During and after Cancer Treatment.

Such Treatments may involve Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy Hormone Therapy, Biological Immunotherapy and or Surgery.

These Procedures and Medications can cause many individuals to lose their Appetite and Energy putting them at an increased risk of  Malnutrition.

Your Food choices when you have Cancer and are undergoing Treatment may be very different from what you are used to Eating.

The main goal is to try to keep your Weight Constant.

In order to minimize the Changes, Heal properly and maintain the Energy to cope with all the new challenges the Treatment may bring.

You should try to eat a wide variety of High Calorie and High Protein Foods which are Micro-nutrient dense to assist in an easy Recovery.

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