Ashima Client Testimonial -

Ashima Testimonial

“ Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day- in and day- out”

I started to feel the reality of this statement when I first met Dt. Archana Agarwal and began the health regime she prescribed.

I had always been an overweight person, but things became difficult when my deteriorating physical health began to take a toll on my mental health too.From irritability and restlessness to depression, last year was the most difficult phase for me. Then my physician advised me to refer Dt. Agarwal and I started my diet plan in January.

The diet regime I’ve been following is more balanced than my day- to- day eating habits. It consists more of protein intake than carbohydrate intake. For instanceDt. Agarwal asked me to replace wheat flour with gram flour. I have started eating more of fruits and green vegetables and less of dairy products. I have replaced ordinary chapati with besanchilla, moong daalchilla and fried snacks with lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

The best part of this diet regime is that I have started eating at regular time intervals and in correct proportions. Moreover, I’ve stopped craving for junk food. This has not only helpedmeto reduce weight but has also boosted my energy levels, reduced recurring mood swings and has given me a newfound positivity.

In the end I would like to say that this diet regime has been a boon to me and it’s advisable to bring discipline in your meal pattern with a customised diet plan. It’s just a matter of changing your lifestyle habits to lead a healthy life.