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Nutritional guidelines for handling Nausea and Morning sickness during Pregnancy

By admin 0 Comment March 29, 2020

Having a Baby is one of the most Joyous times in a Woman’s life — from anticipation of holding the little one in ones arms to exploring names , clothing  and so much more but this phase comes with its own Challenges and Physiological Demands .

Nausea and Vomiting being one of the major amongest them .

With some the morning sickness starts after about 4-6 weeks and Tapers n Settles down by the end of first Trimester n with some it persists through out Pregnancy .


The following nutritional guidelines and general measures help to keep things under control and not allow the mothers as well as the growth of baby to be compromised ..

1) It’s essential to keep a Dry Snack like a Biscuit/ Cracker,  few Nuts like Almonds or Cashews or a small piece of Coconut next to bedside .  These are Healthy options to munch on first thing in the morning even before getting out of the bed .  Also avoiding any Sudden or Jerky movement while getting out of bed prevents the Onset of Nausea .


2) In the first Trimester when Nausea is at its peak having small Meals at regular intervals helps to keep Energy Levels maintained especially if it’s accompanied by Vomiting too .  As the Pregnancy progresses and the need for higher intake of Macro-nutrients goes up it’s essential to take condensed sources of Energy and Protein in form of Nut and Seeds Powdered and added to Soups and Curries or a Banana Shake .

This enables smaller portions to deliver necessary energy and protein intake .


3) Strong Smells and Flavours are the biggest Triggers to a Bout of Nausea as well as Vomiting .  It’s essential to keep Flavours Mild and the strong Smells from escaping from the kitchen to avoid Onset of Nausea .


4) Too Hot or Too Cold Foods also should be avoided. However Sweet Sour Juices like that of Orange, Sweet Lime , Lemon Flavoured with Ginger – Mint Frozen into Ice lollies can be good option to control nausea .


5) Among Fruits Pomegranate seeds Flavoured with Black Salt n Black Pepper provide a settling effect on Nausea and can be Chewed on every hour .  Plums are richest ever source of Anti-oxidants and have a very settling effect on the Stomach .


6) Foods high in Proteins should be the preferred choice for dinner rather than in Carbohydrates or Fats to have a restful Sleep .  Before retiring to bed Bananas , Nuts and Dates are  good options to be taken as a Shake or along with a Hot Cup of Milk .


7) Mint Raita and Ginger Flavoured with Salt n Lemon accompanied with major Meals are good for the Digestive process .


8) Fresh Paneer sprinkled with Lemon , Ginger n Chopped Coriander,  dry roasted Makhanas , Nuts and Seeds are good options for Snacks of concentrated Nutrients.


9) Rice water ,  Aam panna and Coconut water are good substitutes for keeping Body Hydrated and Energized when intake of Solid or Regular Meals is compromised due to severe Vomiting / Nausea .
In fact rice water tempered with Heeng,  Jeera , Adrak , Green chilli and added Salt and Lemon is highly recommended by Ayurveda to control Morning Sickness and Nausea .

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